They made what can be a very tedious and lengthy process into a very simple method. We refinanced with a VA IRRRL and could not be more pleased with knowing we have the best rate possible

Michelle W. Erwin
Former U.S. Army Corporal

They made what can be a very tedious and lengthy process into a very simple method. We refinanced with a VA IRRRL and could not be more pleased with knowing we have the best rate possible

Michelle W. Erwin
Former U.S. Army Corporal

Skip 2 payments.

Improve cash flow by skipping the next 2 monthly mortage payments.

No out-of-pocket fees.

All fees associated with the loan are rolled in.

No qualification.

For VA IRRRL only minimum documentation required.

Lower payments.

Veterans save an average of $3,000 per year.



and get cash back when you start today*

Offer ends in

Quickly get Pre-Approved for a new home OR lower your current VA rate by refinancing.

We've made using your VA Eligibility for a new home or refinancing easier so you can reduce your monthly payment, saving thousands per year, hassle-free*

va loans 2.25% / 2.285% APR*



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Get 2.25% / 2.285% APR* today!

There's a reason banks make using your VA Eligibility a difficult process. They make money on higher interest rates! We believe you deserve to lock in the lowest market rates, so we created a streamlined qualification process for both the purchase of a new home or refinancing your existing VA mortgage.

Lower monthly payments

so you can spend on other things.

Receive a VA Pre-Approval

you can truly count on.

Save thousands every year

with rates at 2.25% / 2.285% APR*

Skip 2 payments

and boost your cash flow.

VA LOANS  2.25% / 2.285% APR*



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Saving thousands with the lowest VA rates is easy!*

Maximize your VA eligibility today. It is quick and easy!

Submit a loan request.

It only takes 1 minute to request a new VA loan.

Review your savings.

A loan officer will review your new monthly payment.

Save thousands!

The VA loan process is simple and streamlined.

va loans 2.25% / 2.285% APR*



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“I thought it'd be difficult, but my VA approval went by quickly and hassle-free. It resulted in $3,000 in the bank, every year."

Make your experience with VA Lending Group one without worry. The process is simple, quick, and without effort.

VA LOAN  2.25% / 2.285% APR*



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Streamline process.

That means VALG has a proven system that let's you get the very lowest rate with the least amount of hassle.

Record low interest rates!

Benefit with more "Buying Power" or using the Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRRL) to reduce your interest rate and mortgage payment with rates that have never before been seen. Speculators are betting interest rates increasing soon.

VA LOAN 2.25% / 2.285% APR*



Asked Questions

Is waiting to refinance my VA loan a good idea?

Our professional opinion at VALG is "NO!" Rates are well beyond their historic lows. With over 30 years of mortgage experience we have never seen them fall below 2.75%.

Is this a good time to refinance?

The answer is an astounding yes! There has never been a better time to refinance in history. Covid 19 has forced the Federal Reserve to make the "cost of money" extremely low. This amongst other things has pushed the interest rates as low as they have ever been.

How long will interest rates remain this low?

No one really knows, but speculators are saying that they will go up after the election. At VALG we are locking in our client's rates as soon as we talk to them to insure they take advantage of history. If you are on the fence, get off before it is too late.

Do I have to re-qualify?

No, using the VA IRRRL Streamline you do not need income. Meaning no tax returns, no W2's, and no bank statements.

Do we need to have an appraisal done?

No, we don't do an appraisal. The value of your home is not applicable for a VA Streamline.

How do we skip 2 months of payments?

You'll have the chance to skip the mortgage payment for the month the loan funds and the month following.

Is this still a VA loan?

Yes, a VA IRRRL streamline is still a VA loan insured by the U.S. government. It is just a way to refinance your loan without re-qualifying as long as we follow VA guidelines.

What are the VA guidelines in order to take advantage of this program?

We must lower your interest rate at least .5% from your current rate (we are currently lowering much more than that) AND recoup any closing costs rolled into the loan within 36 months.

Is this loan going to cost me money out of pocket?

No you will not come out of pocket any money. You are actually freeing up quite a bit of money by missing your next 2 payments and receiving your escrow balance back 2 weeks after closing.

Are there any costs rolled into the loan?

No, but this is based off of how we structure your loan. We might have the option to "buy down" your rate to below the market or we can give you a lender credit and pay for some if not all of the costs of the loan. Your loan officer will go over the specifics on this.

What is a lender credit?

At VA Lending Group we often give you lender credits paying for lender fees, title fees, etc. This is done to keep your new loan balance down and protect your equity.

How does an escrow refund work?

Do I have to take my escrow refund and pay the property taxes and homeowners insurance myself? No, when we pay off your current lender the entire escrow balance your current lender has been collecting to pay your taxes and insurance comes back to you 2 to 3 weeks after closing. The reason you get to keep that money is because we have already collected for it in the new loan before closing.

Do I have to go anywhere to refinance?

No, all of this can be done from the comfort of your home. We will email you documents to review through Docusign. Once reviewed, simply sign, take a picture of a few documents we need (very minimal) and email them to us. 3 to 4 weeks later we will send a mobile notary to your home to do a quick 30 minute closing around your convenience.

Is my information safe?

All your information is kept safe and private by industry leading security practices.

Interested in lowering your monthly payment?

Simple VA loan refinancing for veterans.

*Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) is also known as the Streamline Refinance Loan. Veterans save an average of $3,000 per year and pay no out-of-pocket costs or appraisal fee. 2.25% / 2.285% APR* is based on a credit score above 720 and a $300k+ loan amount. Rates subject to change based on credit and loan amount.

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STREAMLINE IRRRL  2.25% / 2.285% APR*

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